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A Pakistani-Amerian Mompreneur’s Story

The Work Ethic of a  Pakistani-Amerian Mompreneur

If you were to look for someone who exemplifies work ethic, you would be hard-pressed the find someone more qualified than Sobia Shaikh, the founder of ISLY Handbags, and a dedicated mother of two. Read  a Pakistani-Amerian Mompreneur’s Story

Originally from Pakistan, where she got her degree in graphic design and spent several years in advertising, Sobia made the move to the San Francisco Bay Area fifteen years ago. After starting a family, and giving birth to her son Isaad, she began Rhung, a Pakistani clothing line, whose name means “color”. She continued to work until 2003, when her daughter Lyali was born. Although Sobia decided to take some time to focus on her family, she did not stop her involvement in the community. Sobia began developing her idea for ISLY Handbags in 2008.
“I wanted to do something with major significance that combined my love for fashion and my love for Pakistan,” Sobia says.

Bags by Sobia’s brand:

Work Ethics of a Mompreneur from Pakistan.bags

Sobia’s vision became a reality in November of 2011, when she launched ISLY, named after her two children. Today, she has a beautiful line of handbags, all made from unique fabrics that are custom made in Pakistan. The same fabrics she fell in love with as a child. ISLY was an immediate success. Just a few weeks after her launch, Sobia began to recognize her designs at the events she attended. Just last week, she was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Still, Sobia believes her biggest success is yet to come. In March she will be traveling to New York City to introduce her second collection of handbags. She hopes to be introducing samples from the new collection in May or June of this year.
Despite her immediate success, Sobia will be the first to admit that balancing work and home is not always easy. After spending the morning with her children, and dropping them off at school, Sobia begins working on the company that she refers to as her “third child”. Although she tries to take that time to solely focus on work, it is sometimes difficult not to get distracted by her other duties. Emails from soccer coaches, school photographers and other obligations sometimes interfere. And by the time Sobia picks her children up at 3:30 p.m., being a mother once again becomes her first priority. After the kids are all tucked in, Sobia often finds herself on the phone with partners in Pakistan, where there is a twelve hour time difference.

Still, Sobia believes that being as determined and invested in her company as she is, is beneficial to her children, who recognize their mother’s work ethic.

Work Ethics of a Mompreneur from Pakistan..bags

“I love seeing how my son views me,” she says, “He knows me as a mom, and I know that that will always be first, but I also see respect in his eyes when he sees me working.”

Sobia believes that having a hard-working, empowered role model will continue to positively impact her children for years to come, and encourage them to incorporate hard work into their own lives. Sobia has already begun to foster work ethic in her children. They make their beds every morning, and participate in household chores. They do well in school. Special accomplishments, and hard work at home and in the classroom are always recognized.

Although balancing work and home has been challenging, Sobia is managing her role as a mompreneur the best way she can. Here are four tips she would give aspiring mompreneurs out there:

1.Figure out your options, and pick something that you really, really love. At moments when I am exhausted, I keep going because ISLY is so close to my heart.

2.Go to your girlfriends for support and encouragement. 90% of my girlfriends are Moms, and 50% of them work. Nothing compares to their support.

3.Be patient. I think things fall in place if you go about them the right way.

4.Validate yourself. As moms, we feel like we can do everything. We multitask, and we sometimes are too hard on our self. I think we need to recognize ourselves more often.

Sobia’s designs are available at a variety of merchants in San Francisco, Beverly Hills, and New York City. It is one of her goals to bring ISLY Handbags to as many cities and countries as possible. For a list of boutiques currently carrying her designs, please click

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