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Our Tutors

Our tutors belong to all parts of the world. Have a look at the wonderful people who are always there to help you improve your communicative competence in English language.

 Amanda from USAamanda-pic

Hello! My name is Amanda Reilly, and I am a native English speaker from the USA. I am an enthusiastic and focused youth advocate with experience working with children and youth, as well as teaching English as a foreign language to all ages. I am passionate about giving children and youth the best possible opportunities in life, encouraging personal and educational growth, and imparting knowledge of the English language.


I served as an English as a foreign language teacher in Albania from Sep. 2014- July 2015 with VOICA, an international volunteer program based out of Rome, Italy, where I taught both children and youth. I also taught English in Ukraine (June- Aug. 2016) at a study camp for children from ages 8 to 15, with an organization called Study.UA. At Study.UA I taught two classes a day to a group of 13 students with pre-intermediate English skills. I prepared and designed lesson plans, created review games and final exams for each group.

I also have experience teaching adults English, at an immigration center in Philadelphia, PA where I was a volunteer this past year. I enjoy teaching students of all ages, and assisting them to improve their English language skills. Although it is never late to start learning, I believe it is important to begin learning languages at a young age. I also believe in the importance of teaching and learning English to foreign speakers. Additionally, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from an accredited American university, which I finished in 2012; and I have various experience working in social service agencies as a case manager, an after-school program coordinator, and a volunteer coordinator. I am always engaged in learning more about other cultures, languages, and educational and social work practices. I strive to be an excellent mentor, English tutor, and ole model in both educational and non-profit settings.



Camielle King from New Zealand


My name is Camielle King, and I am a qualified secondary school English teacher from New Zealand. This year, I completed a Master of Teaching and Learning and I also have a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English Literature.

I love teaching as it allows me to help individuals grow in confidence, and thrive in the world. In my spare time, I enjoy running, yoga and playing basketball. I also enjoy creative writing, and have been published. Currently, I am learning to speak German – so am I aware of the struggles in mastering a language.  I am collaborating with PakParenting to improve your English language skills.

Julia from New Zealand

Tutor for Pakparenting

Hello! My name is Julia, I’m from New Zealand. English is my mother tongue and I have four years of university experience with the written word, so you can be confident that I will help you to succeed! Personally, I’m very friendly, easy-going and understanding, and I love to help others achieve their goals, especially in academia. I look forward to collaborating with you through Pak Parenting to improve your understanding of the English language.

I have a thorough understanding of political, social and economic world affairs and a deep respect for the differing cultural and religious values that characterise our modern world. I  have been tutoring undergraduate students, by proof-reading and editing their assignments to bring their grammar, spelling and sentence structure up to scratch. I look forward to helping you with these things also.

 Patricia from New Zealand

patricia=pakparenting tutor

Hi, my name is Patricia and I work and live in New Zealand. I am currently working as an English teacher in a  school. I am a NZ trained teacher. I have a Bachelor Degree in  Teaching. I have taught from 6 years old through to 18 year old students. I have joined hands with for online English teaching.

Currently I am a teacher of English, so it’s a simple fact of getting to know my students and delivering lessons that suit their current needs to help them succeed in learning English. Through previous work experience, I bring with me exceptional customer service and support, efficient administration skills, clear communication; both written and spoken. I look forward to working with students whose first language is not English.

Jan Gordon from United Kingdom

Jan-Pakparenting's tutor

Hello! My name is Jan, I am a native English speaker. I will coach students through My personality is kind and considerate, therefore; I am able to communicate well with students.

 I am passionate about education and have 8 years experience of teaching students online. I have experience of teaching those who don’t have English as their first language. My lessons are interesting and informative, and I produce excellent teaching material to use with my students. I encourage my students to ask questions. I  look forward to working with you!


 Max From New Zealand


Hi, my name is Max and I’m from New Zealand. I have lived in a number of North Island towns and have been in New Zealand my entire life. I’ve finished two years of University and I’m moving into the third year of my Bachelors Degree. Working through Pak Parenting I seek to help others understand and become confident in all aspects of the English Language.

I have a strong interest in other cultures and I find an effective means of learning language comes through discussing cultural differences. I have taught Intermediate students keyboard and mentored new international students in university culture, New Zealand culture and of course English. I hope to combine my knowledge of teaching and mentoring to provide a useful and effective tutoring method. Parenting TeamEnglish Language Learning Centrekids,pakparenting,parents,tutors,YouthOur Tutors Our tutors belong to all parts of the world. Have a look at the wonderful people who are always there to help you improve your communicative competence in English language.  Amanda from USA Hello! My name is Amanda Reilly, and I am a native English speaker from the USA. I...Be  Smart Parents