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 Start-up Ideas For Pakistani Mompreneurs

If there is a problem, there must also be a solution. If you have investment resources available, then there is no problem. But keeping in mind the typical Pakistani social set-up, mompreneurs will most likely have problems finding investment support.

Let’s take a look at small businesses that mompreneurs can start with only a small investment. In the beginning, mompreneurs should capitalize more on their skills than on money. No doubt, money is an integral part of starting a new venture, but a small step can be taken with little money if it is backed up by your skills.

1.Tuition and Coaching

This is the easiest business for earning money. Mompreneurs can capitalize on their education and open a coaching centre, even if just for a few hours in your home. Whether or not you have a university degree, tuition and coaching centres are a thriving business as people are more and more willing to invest in their kids’ educations.

2.Day Care Centre

day care centre

Opening a day care centre is a business opportunity that needs little in the way of an investment. This is because there are many things already in your home that can be utilized. At the most basic level, you need only a room, a few toys and accessories for kids, an AC, and a TV set with DVD player (you can use your home TV too).

Mompreneurs should conduct thorough research to evaluate the prices for which you can offer your services. As more and more women are opting for jobs, a day care centre with a good environment and reasonable prices can be a profitable business, particularly in big cities. This business is very handy for mompreneurs because they know how to handle little kids.

3. Cookery

Cooking skills are natural to all Pakistani women, and mompreneurs can earn a lot of money by capitalizing on these skills. A cookery business can work on two levels:

4. Lunch Box Service

There is a great market for home cooked lunch boxes in schools and offices. If they have some handy and healthy recipes, moms can prepare lunch for kids or adults according to their dietary needs.  With growing awareness of nutrition in the common public, people are very much conscious about their diet. Marketing for this business can be done via contacts and social media. Kids’ lunches can be marketed directly in all the local schools. If nutritious and quality food is provided, mompreneurs will have permanent customers and a secure business.

5.Catering for Small Home Functions

catering for small functions

Stay-at-home moms can cater for small private get-togethers. A birthday party, for example, is usually an informal function for which people would likely want delicious, ready-made meals that they didn’t have to cook at home. Birthday functions usually have 15 to 20 guests, which is manageable for a mompreneurs with a catering business at small scale. Marketing this type of business can also be done via social media and even your kids’ schools.

Mompreneurs doing catering can also cater to the requirements of many homes or working women who have unexpected guests on weekends. It can be a well-paying business.

6. Event Management

Mompreneurs can start event organizing with only a small investment. Small functions like birthdays,  small-scale engagement parties, or other functions at Eids, for example, can easily be managed by moms. They are accustomed to managing a limited budget, have a great aesthetic sense, and are creative with decorating themes—in many ways, moms can do it better than traditional event managers. If quality services are provided at reasonable rates, this business can flourish like no other. Event management is a business that can be equally profitable in both big cities and small towns.

7. Commercialize Your Skill

If you have a special skill, or a recipe or technique for making a special product such as herbal soap or face wash, etc., you can commercialize that. It is possible to get your product produced, packaged, and distributed. Some moms are very good at baking cookies, for instance. In this case, a mom can package her home-baked cookies and sell her product at a commercial level and be a successful mompreneur.

8.Freelance Writers

freelance writer

Usually moms are educated but are unable to opt for working outside their homes due to taboos and family responsibilities.  Instead, they can work as a freelance writer, choosing a niche according to their interests and tastes. Content writing, creative writing or academic writing, as well as many other genres, can open new doors of success at both an intellectual and financial level. Explore your talent and be a mompreneur instead of just being a mom.

9. Turn Social Media Into an Earning Source

So many people are social media savvy. Moms who stay at home and play with their computer or smart phone all the time can easily turn this hobby into a business. For instance, if you’re always on social networking sites, you could consider offering services managing companies’ social media profiles. Or perhaps you have a specialty product that you could sell through your own online retail business.

Whatever your talents are, choose a field of interest and start following and interacting with experts or communities in that particular area. Within a very short span of time, you will have a vibrant community interested in your area of expertise. People with whom you are in touch can become potential customers for your business. Provide them with meaningful content: if you communicate with your contacts on issues in which they are interested, people will respond positively to your words.  In this way, you will be able to build a rapport, and a greater number of people will start taking interest in your posts, messages, likes, and shared content. Once people start trusting you and believe that you share or recommend good content, you can turn those followers and friends into your customers.

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Note: This article is written keeping in mind the general trends in society. There are always many parents/families/moms/husbands who can be considered exceptions to the rule. Parenting TeamMompreneursMompreneurs in Pakistanmompreneurs,Working Moms Start-up Ideas For Pakistani Mompreneurs If there is a problem, there must also be a solution. If you have investment resources available, then there is no problem. But keeping in mind the typical Pakistani social set-up, mompreneurs will most likely have problems finding investment support. Let’s take a look at small...Be  Smart Parents