• It seems there are schools in every corner of Pakistan. Which schools are best for preschoolers and toddlers? Will my child really learn in school or just waste time?
  • Which colleges and universities can truly prepare our youngsters for the practical challenges of life? Will my child really earn a qualification with all its requirements, or will he just learn so-called modernism?
  • Which career will be the best for my son/daughter? Should I encourage him/her to be a doctor or engineer? A ‘lawn’ designer? Should I give her the option of becoming the host of some morning show? Should I tell him to become a chef, as cooking has become a paying career in Pakistan?
  • At which age should I buy a cell phone for my child? How can we safely guide our kids in a world that exists within smart phones? How much time is acceptable for video games and other forms of technology?
  • How much privacy is good for children? If children are given privacy, when will we have time to teach them and form them into good people?
  • How can we ensure our children’s safety and monitor their activities in their rooms when they have a whole world at their fingers with mobile devices and laptops?
  • Should we keep our kids from going outside to play, as there are threats of child abuse, kidnapping and terrorism? Should we accompany our kids outside? Do parents need to be with their kids everywhere, every time?
  • Should I be strict with my kids to discipline them? Can my strictness make them rebellious and disobedient? Or should I be lenient and handle them with love instead?
  • Should I be appreciative of my kids’ abilities all the time? Will my appreciation make them narcissists?
  • What kind of training at home and school is needed to teach them to use civilized language on social media?
  • How can I impart a love of discipline in my children? Because I don’t want them to be involved in any kind of  ‘spot fixing’ and ‘match fixing’ in any field when they grow up.
  • Is it responsibility of the dad or of the mom to train the kids? If a dad works all day long, should the mom alone be responsible for raising them?
  • Which is better for raising healthy, intelligent, and active kids: big cities or small towns?

The questions above are questions that parents are always asking themselves. Some of them are already discussed on various forums, but some of them are our own private musings and worries that we are afraid to discuss out loud. The team members of Pakparenting.com are also occupied by these questions.

As you know, the virtual world is replete with advice on everything from everyday life to web development, and when we searched the internet for answers to these issues, we were bombarded by answers. The Pakparenting Team realized that in spite of this knowledge and information explosion, we were unable to find solutions that were applicable to our lives or particular culture in Pakistan. Many of these suggestions were for people living in some other country, and when we tried to follow the advice, we got nowhere.

It was this lack of appropriate information that made a group of professionals think about creating a platform where parents in Pakistan would be able to find viable and practical answers to their questions. Pakparenting.com is that very platform, sharing everything related to parenting whether you are the parent of an infant, toddler, preschooler, tween, or teen. Your ideas will make this platform a vibrant and interactive community: you can ask questions, give opinions and share your individual life experience. Our experts will answer your questions, keeping in mind your location. We can help one another to enrich our parenting styles.

Parents need to evolve a mechanism for keeping pace with the ever-changing paradigms of life so that their kids can be successful in the competitive world while keeping themselves well rooted in their culture and values. As parents, we can capitalize on high-tech devices to bring effective changes to our parenting styles.  Now you can have your world in the palm of your hand with just the touch of a smart phone.

We aim at making our next generations more progressive, knowledgeable, competitive, adaptable and truthful. We can do this only if we raise kids who are equipped with both modern and traditional knowledge and values.

Only parents can make a difference!

 Life is all about parenting!

Pak Parenting Team

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